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We are a free volunteer-based program dedicated to helping young students learn Mathematics.

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Our Goals

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We want to help students develop their mathematical understanding, critical thinking, and analytical thinking.
We also aim to uncover their interest in Math and help them grow to be a better student.

Who is this for?

Our program is aimed towards students who are at a mathematical level of grades 4-8 . If you are looking for a supportive and friendly learning environment, this is the perfect program for you. Once you sign up, we will send you an email consisting of the steps you can take to transition smoothly into our program.
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Free and Online

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Because this program is volunteer-based, we provide classes free of charge. Furthermore, to help a wider range of students, we hold our lessons online with ZOOM video meetings; we even have international students in countries outside of Canada!

Class structure

Our classes are at 6:30-7:50pm Friday each week. Prior to each class, a ZOOM link will be emailed to all students. During class, our tutors will have an interactive and informative lesson prepared, as well as some homework to ensure understanding. Because we value our teaching quality, we limit the number of students per class to ensure engagement. This means that if your child has any questions, Please don't be afraid to ask.
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