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For how long will this program continue?

This program is set to continue throughout the entire school year at the same time Friday from 6:30-7:50 pm. However, there is the chance that this program will be paused during school breaks. We will let you know once a break approaches.

What if I can't make it to one of the classes?

Remember to email us and contact us beforehand so we know of your absence. If your child still wants the homework for that class, we can email it to you upon request.
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How can I quickly ask questions and/or address my concerns?

You can always email us and we will get back to you as quickly as we can. If you or your child ever notices that something can be improved, please let us know by filling out this form We will definitely let our tutors know and strive to improve on the mentioned aspect(s).

My child finds the grade that they are in is too easy, how can they move up a grade?

Your child can move up a grade at any time. Please take the following steps:
1. Email us. Let us know that your child wishes to move up a grade, we will email you the skill survey to take.
2. Take the skill survey for the grade they are currently learning in, to show that they understand everything.
3. We will email you back the results and tell you whether or not we think your child should move up a grade.
4. In the very end, it is your decision that is the deciding factor. You can tell us your final decision.
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What happens when my students finish learning everything in that grade?

As the curriculum is limited, students will inevitably finish the planned course. When that happens, the tutors will give a "final test". This test will not only allow the students to test their abilities but also tell the tutors the parts where the students still do not completely understand. Once the tutors finish the wrap-up, we will notify all students in the class and bring them to the next grade the following week.