This program is currently managed by David Jiang from University-Hill Secondary and George Wang from Lord Byng Secondary.


We are working with Potts Education Studio, an English tutoring agency, to provide the best services we can. Visit their website if you're looking for some English tutoring!
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Since Kevin and Hanson's graduation in 2022, the program has been succeeded by David Jiang from University-Hill Secondary and George Wang from Lord Byng Secondary, who both share a similar vision with the founders in providing the community with free math help. Since the pandemic, seeing how difficult it is to find online resources, David and George became a mathematics tutors at Math Connect with the goal of assisting elementary-level students in developing their math skills. They will continue to improve this service in hopes that it will remain a great tool for students.

Math Connect was founded by two Richmond Secondary School Students, Kevin and Hanson, in the summer of 2020. During the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, they saw the insufficiency in online school and had the vision to help in alleviating this issue. What started out as a simple idea quickly blossomed into a great and meaningful project to give back to the community. Slowly, Kevin and Hanson began to build the foundations of this program. Kevin talked to Potts Education Studio and worked out a partnership to official launch this program. Initially, Math Connect started with a very small group of tutors and students but has steadily grown since then. We hope to improve alongside YOUR support, to better the program and provide the optimal experience for your child. In the future, we hope to continue spreading our interest in Mathematics.
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Our Amazing Team

Our team of tutors consists of passionate high school students who are determined to support their students. Every member of our team is interviewed to ensure their competency in Mathematics (all of our tutors have an “A” average in Math and most are taking higher-level mathematics courses). If students have any questions, feel free to contact our tutors. Note: although our team is hardworking, we are busy high school students and may not respond to emails immediately. However, we will respond as soon as we are able to.
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